Real Time Systems and Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development on a hand held device

Our engineers are fully up to speed on VxWorks 7 and the new VxBus GEN2 driver development model. If you want a head start on your next project then please get in touch!  

We design, develop and test real time systems for commercial and military customers throughout the UK and Europe. Our skills with embedded systems programming allow us to deliver top quality embedded software, including Board Support Packages, device drivers, embedded system middleware, protocol stacks and complete real time systems for these operating systems:

  • WindRiver: VxWorks™
  • Embedded Linux
  • Mentor Graphics: Nucleus™
  • Microsoft Win32 and .NET™
  • Microsoft Windows CE™ and Windows Mobile™
  • QNX: Neutrino™
  • Lynuxworks: LynxOS™
  • GreenHills: Integrity™
  • Express Logic: ThreadX™
  • Bespoke OSs

Harmonic Software Systems have been providing software consulting services and real time systems of the highest possible quality since 1999. Backed by a wealth of experience in real time operating systems, embedded software development and digital signal processing, we provide software consulting services and embedded systems programming to guarantee a well documented, well tested software system that exceeds all expectations.

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled commitment to quality, which is engrained throughout the company through the unique concept of a Harmonic Software System, a powerful new software development philosophy. This philosophy complements the latest Agile software development techniques, delivering real benefits for our customers. 


Quality Software Development

A Real Time System within a VME Board

Get it right. First time. Every time!

Our approach to embedded software development can be summarised in one word: QUALITY. Thus we always aim to Get it Right. First Time. Every Time!

We are a registered WindRiver partner and have experience in avionics, automotive, defence, telecommunications, consumer and industrial electronics.

We utilise tried and tested Agile software development techniques to ensure that our embedded software development service deliver high QUALITY, VALUE, VISIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY whilst minimising project risk. 


Recent Projects

  • Complete VxWorks 7 Multicore BSP for NVIDIA Tegra K1 Processor  
  • Implementing Intel's FSP - Firmware Support Package - (fast embedded BIOS replacement) on Intel BayTrail Processor  
  • VxWorks 653 BSP for Curtis Wright SVME183 Board, simulating first on Simics to bypass hardware lead times 
  • Our first iPhone app, DigitalMeds 
  • VxWorks 653 BSP for next generation x86 architecture 
  • VxWorks 5.5 to 6.9 BSP and application port for complete telephone network switch 
  • VxWorks 6.9 64 bit driver for 10Gbps Mellanox network chip 
  • VxWorks 6.9 High Definition Audio Drivers for next generation in car infotainment system
  • BSP backport for Freescale P4080 to VxWorks 653 v2.3
  • e500mc Architecture Backport inc MMU and Hardware Floating Point
  • On-site consultancy for migration of drivers to VxBus and use with Multicore
  • VxWorks 6.4 BSP for WSB-G41A
  • VxWorks 6.6 BSP for TQM8315 Board including flash drivers. 
  • VxWorks 6.8 BSP for Intel i7 Core
  • Certification of VxWorks 6.6 CERT subset for a surgical instrument to IEC62304
  • Adding L2TP LNS support to VxWorks 6.8.1
  • A VxWorks BSP for the MPC8247 Rattler Board
  • Adding client site certificate support for EAP-TTLS secure WIMAX connections, for VxWorks
  • SCTP protocol statistics collection for Linux kernel and accompanying userspace tools.
  • Embedded Linux MIPS based Set Top Box NAND flash driver development, integration & testing
  • Soak testing a military communications rack with four Ethernet channels, eight RS485 channels and two RS232 channels, with variable system loading and synchronous/asynchronous communication.
  • Our first Windows Mobile product, the brainZapr!
  • VxWorks 6.6 ARM Board Support Package running on bespoke FPGA prototyping hardware
  • Developing vxBus drivers for interrupt controllers, 7 channel UARTs (up to 921Kbps), GPIO, DMA, system clock and timestamp timers

  •

    Saab - WindRiver - Onsite Consultancy

    Harmonic Software Systems sent it's chief VxWorks expert onsite to help out with a flight recorder and digital map system for a military system. It was a three way collaboration between a U.S. defence company, Saab and WindRiver. 

    We enclose a statement that speaks for itself:

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    Our Customers Say...

    "HSS worked on a project whereby they needed to implement a new PPC architecture (the 8 core P4080) for the VxWorks RTOS and develop a BSP with very complicated hardware. This was no easy job and they managed to get it done by diving very deep into the matter and solved many problems on the way." Simon Milatz, Project Manager (Aerospace & Defence), Wind River Services

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